September 17, 2006

another day, a little darker

the Holy Spirit is the key, Jesus is the door and the Father is the Throne Room.

The incense of His Love is in the air. it moves with the wind, I can't see it, but I can feel it. it breathes for me when I am broken and it leaves sweetness in my mouth after the music fades. Grace holds my spirit together, and brings me up from my knees. through it I see you are more than ordinary, you are made beautiful in this light that in unseen. Only I know this, and I try to forget. Grace gives me secrets to keep and prayers rise from the ashes, hope flying above the remnant of what I remember.
Stir up our hearts for more than what we settle for. Show us the potential that awaits if only we cry out for it. there is so much more and we don't even know what we are missing; we just watch them dying and turn away. tell us what strength is in our weapons to fight the powers of darkness. He did not come to divert or stop the works of the enemy but to destroy them. if only we could see that we are in a war, not a peace process or a losing argument. we have already won, if we can step forward and walk it out.

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