February 21, 2007

random love

Love is elusive.
It whispers in circles in the night when I sleep, but in the morning there is just silence. It is so hard to fit in my heart, sometimes I can't see what reality holds. Sometimes it is peaceful and self contained, tucked in and polite. Usually I don't see it coming -- from a source I cannot describe, in another dimension I can't see and is never ever the same as before. Snowflakes know love. They would die without uniqueness. Love holds all things together like glue, and tears apart, like rumors. Love has no time limit or expiry date. It chooses no secret favorites nor snickers at mistakes. Love has puppy dog eyes and says please... please will you wait... because my timing is perfect... but, I want to run in the fresh snowfall, ruin the grace that was placed with care. I step back and smile, wondering if I can wait. Don't you see who is wiser... don't you feel the attraction... maybe it was just me.

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