April 06, 2008

layers of the onion

God wants your Isaac and will give you Methuselah so that we let go.
Sometimes there are things God wants us to surrender that we don’t even see for what they are. The need for preparation is often hard to accept. My accident humbled me to walk with God differently and to admit I thought I was done waiting and learning. I thought I just needed opportunity. But God will require waiting for what is more worthwhile than I suspected. It is as though I thought there was no Isaac left—let us never get to the place we think we are done being melted down and cut. (the more a diamond is cut the more beautiful it is!) God put his finger on a layer of me He wanted to strip away, and waited until I had calmed down enough to listen attentively. We must admit daily who we are and our need for God, or pride will plant itself in our garden quite innocently.
In this process, we see our values and expectations differently. This happens because when God is the only explanation for the circumstances, and it’s impossible for us to take responsibility for our safety or healing or revelation. in Genesis 5, after Methuselah was born, it emphasizes twice that Enoch walked with God. the name Enoch means dedicated: through change and submission we can walk with God, converse with and be in sync with God like never before. Not simply out of mentally believing that He must be right, but of our heart being so consumed with God’s presence that we do nothing but shine the light in us.

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