June 11, 2008

June 08 poems

Taste of Zion
I want to memorize You the way you have memorized me
By shifting the atmosphere with this weapon
I see Your love is stronger than the mountain I stand on
I search for ways to find this new reality
The fragrance of praise fills this place
The apple of your eye feels like home
The Kotel feels like a cherished memory
How do you put words around this mystery?

one wish
I want You to…
remind me who You are with just one glance
Teach me how to dance upon these shadows
Show me how to wait on you in the night
And teach me the inner pathways of Your heart.
From the four corners of the earth
Collect these thoughts for a sacrifice of praise
On which the fire falls
Teach my feet to move across these eagle’s wings
Teach my heart to think with Yours;
I forget the melodies I used to play
Still I packed all my bags to come
Yet I have nothing of worth to give.
Empty-handed here alone
Overflow me with Your words
That I might be consumed in the center of Your will
The only safe place I have yet found.

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