July 16, 2008

July Stuff

In that space between love and daylight
fly to me and with this coal seal my lips:
give me only a silent word
lift away the broken confusion
and carry it to a secret place
the tongue wounds without mercy, before thoughts form
just one touch
echoes across oceans
my heart is awake
I wait only to see the king

I love the unknown places
sung into being by a lion's roar
I love the warm breeze
piecing together the clues of majestic wisdom
I crave another unchoreographed encounter
where love like honey covers me
I love tasting what I did not earn
watching trees breathe with layers of life grown into them
I crave a thin place
kindled with vertical abandon

I know nothing of the plans you have drawn
too intricate and complex for me
I don't see these wounds for what they are
my mistakes collect as mountains of trash outside
take me to where i'm kicking and screaming
where I can learn to love silence more
a closet with glory painted on the walls
not skeletons without flesh
I can't fathom the depth my sin fell to
or the power in innocent blood
I'm puzzled why you chose me
one unknown prodigal with new splendor ascribed to me

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