October 12, 2008

Chasing Perfection

too close to my face
twisted glass distorts my plans
it breaks off pieces of clarity
they fall to the abyss in confusion.
never go alone they tell me;
why am I not safe
when you say I am yours?
why am I here when my heart beats another rhythm?
not this unknown cacophony
I wait and wait to be set free

give me a tool that I might grow this seed
or a pen that I will record your echoes
as the dawn flutters into this veiled room.
do you guard these hidden dreams for a time to come?
is the flavor wasting away, dry and tasteless?
are they blind to your incensed lead of love?

let death wait, this time is precious
reveal the harvest, bind the traitors
I wait with eyes closed and tears on the ground.

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