March 09, 2009

threshold part 2

within the four walls of tomorrow
linger words waiting for a page to write on

between the length of yes and no
the width of this paradigm
is stronger than these rights we cling to

what is the cost
but these things that will quickly fade

in a grain of sand imagination is detected
where love is a tree to climb
a branch with fruit to gather
a star
is simply where our point of need
meets God reaching down
to mix the impossible
with the possible

i have dreams and desires, which, when fulfilled bring me joy and glorify God at the same time. But these usually occur in God's timing, not mine. we can be unwilling to change course, but we only win when we give up, and God can change our hearts about the detour. we only win when we give up.
regardless of deferred hopes, live in the secret place of the Most High. it is the secret of redemption.

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