May 08, 2009


this is actually the definition of a hebrew word in a letter form. can anyone guess what the word is?

I'm glad you are here. I have allured and called you, brought you to a desert place to remind you who you are. Remember who you are. When I first thought and created you, I caused this prodigal to be rare, not common or ordinary, never to be overlooked-- and I broke the mold. Every part of your character holds a weight a heaviness of the value I've placed there- a costly price tag that reads: priceless. You were so valuable, so priceless that I had just one way I could buy your heart back from sin's condemning grasp--with an equally unique, priceless child. You were so prized and honored in my eyes that I ran after you. Then I adorned you with a brightness that was never meant to be hidden: not under the guise of 'unworthy' or a coat of silence, or a dull fear of what other people think. There is no doubt or discouragement over you! I placed in you a clear, precious love, more clear than any diamond and rarer. Through no effort of your own, I have called you to excellence, and placed on you an unblemished reputation. I have set you apart for a special time, not a time past but Today.

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