July 06, 2009

patience... timing

The awe that we held when we first became believers in some cases has been replaced by the idea that IF God really loves us, then He should be acting NOW on our behalf. The truth is that God has given us amazing promises to hold onto, but the fulfillment of these things will always be in His timing. He has said that He would work wonders through His children, but He will do it when He can get the most glory. Yeshua could have gone to heal Lazarus before He died, but He waited so that the Father could receive the maximum amount of glory. Are we saying to Him, "You need to do this now because you promised!" Or are we content to say to Him, "I believe what you have promised, and I wait for you to fulfill it." Our loving Father wants good things for us and He will bring them to pass in our lives, but we need to come back to that place of submission through awe. We need to know that He is God and we are His children through grace alone, and not because we deserve it. Thank the Lord that He is patient with us and may we learn of that patience from Him.

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