November 25, 2009

parallel rain

middle ground I welcome you
I crave spaces in these fleeting moments
wide enough to write in endlessly
or dance until distraction doesn't whisper.
I knew his wisdom fills the gaps in my quest for clarity:
it was the concrete certainty that
my words are listened to with rapt attention
Yet the unknown is I always was adored --
my greatest potential does not know itself.

When I threw it down, gave up, turned away
You had already collected all those precious questions
and tears placed like dew drops;
you read the cryptic pleas,
and carefully held them together with an ear on my heart
as I unknowingly long for perfect solutions
in shiny boxes labeled surrender
and to be the favorite one,
to stay satisfied once, twice
with the lines that are drawn
outlined with certainty
texturized with devotion

"people who are in love give up a lot less frequently than those who are not. Love gives us strength and tenacity when we are tempted to let go."
- from 7 Longings of the Human Heart

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