February 15, 2010

a word has to be challenged to take root.

Some events in our lives carry a power to change our perspective and to release the vision we were always meant to carry. They allow us to see with the eyes of one outside of time, seeing the beginning from the end. They make every place of lack look like it is full of opportunity, and every unexplained problem full of potential. All the clues that didn't fit together suddenly mean more. Sometimes there is a reason we don't see what is ahead... because someone is jealous for our love. Speaking out these things and their potential is what connects it all... in the perfect covenant.

Why do we have such an abundance yet when it comes to the spiritual we are content with so little? is it the abundance that prevents us from crying out for more, that stifles desperation into silence? sometimes we have to be first and then walk it out. To be the virtue we dream of, the perspective you long to see, and to possess the favor that we want spoken into our reality.

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