May 23, 2011

a Place that Guides

In Hebrews, it says that they did not combine the message with faith. I think that unbelief and so much of the busyness in our lives decreases the value of what is most real. Faith gives value, and builds intrinsic worth. Unbelief and shame decrease value and we will not fully experience God's truth. Time will go by so that we have to relearn value, and open a book we closed long ago to ascribe a new value to what was forgotten, as Josiah did when he became King. I crave that value that Elisha received in the double portion: he spoke and it happened, his words carried power. To experience it just by talking about it, with powerful faith. The weight of love is all that is needed to draw the heart to the center... but only after we let go of all that is in our mind and heart that hinders. Only after sanctification is starting. I know I can have a filter of faith that builds and processes life despite all circumstances and challenges. Jesus wants to take anything I can't lift off of myself. I sense that God is blessed just in my heart turning daily, and that the continual surrender is a guide even when it feels like... *sigh*.

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