July 26, 2011


Sometimes, in the middle of a battle, I wonder if all circumstances were brought or allowed by God and are to be accepted as such. As annoying as circumstances are sometimes. And I wonder if frustration is found in me and put on me, so that somehow I can not only discern truth but see God's will clearer because of it. to see clearer, and have a clean eye, which illuminates the body. that the negative would be a spring to the opposite, a catalyst to a key to a paradox.

"we have been brainwashed to think that we need greater and greater faith if God is to accomplish anything with our lives. In practice however, we find our faith becomes weaker and weaker. This is necessary so that God can get us out of his way until he can complete the work. as we approach the cross again, we must be brought to the utter end of our own resources."

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