February 08, 2012

voice, part 2

"The voice of the LORD is over the waters..."

The other day I listened to two different sermons, spoken by two friends I know well. The content was different and I liked one more than the other, but there is something about a voice I know that comforts. I'm sure there is research about the effect of a mother's voice, a parent's touch. But in some way a voice I love brings comfort and stills my soul. Even when I have an unanswered question I know I'm loved. It is difficult for me to do without quality time when I'm around someone I deeply value. But somehow knowing I'm loved is its own answer for now. The voice of a loved friend is enough. It becomes a safe place when there is no time to breathe, no resolution, and no grace in the horizon.
I'm not sure which side of the brain the voice of the one I love is in.... maybe the right. But in that voice God speaks over the waters of life.

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