September 28, 2012

more from Ecclesiastes.

There is a time to embrace, not often enough. For those who forget to touch, forget to express at all, the loss is great, and time is burnt to the ground.
They say a minimum of 5 hugs a day is best. Woe to those who lack the daily quota... lives too busy and too helter skelter for a moment to comfort, to create love in the circle of arms, mine around you.
There is a time to embrace for the last time, to hold the memories here, and count each one's kindness and value. The time that is the last, when I didn't know it would be the last... so here's a hug for October, and one for the colder rainy days of November.
The expressions and moments that held me together, the comforts of walking arm in arm to keep warm; all taken for granted and perhaps none full of honesty now. What time is there other than now, other than here and the moment to come, even if yesterday lingers, like residue that can't be washed off.
Even if a hug is so far away and not stored in a box-- preserved as though the future will leave it intact; Yet my heart longs deep and silently for it, asking just once more for when the time will arrive, most likely uninvited and full of a place to let go and breathe love between us.

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