October 06, 2012

Week 3 writing group.

There is a time to search for more clues:
and to know what I seek or who;
Yet you never tell me the colors,
the tones of who you are
or the texture of your voice-
is it comforting like a childhood memory
or harsh like a day that wasn't good enough?

You tell me you never leave
Yet often the tangible closeness comes and goes
Fleeting, like a spark of potential in the dusk.
You surround, closer than hands and feet,
and nearer than the blurred moment before sleep comes
I hear the secrets and treasures of darkness
or do I only imagine it's you?
Then I wake without realizing it's goodness flavoring
the next minute, the next hour
and sigh, almost believing this is not a place to search
but a place of rest, without needing answers

Yet I breathe for the reassurance of your face
and the depth to which you know my heart,
which wanders and searches every inch of this room as though memorized:
But time clings to my skin and weighs more than I thought
Perhaps I'll hear new glimpses of you
if I let go, and leave time in this corner,
soon learning I never needed it to see you.

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