April 18, 2014

remembering Jesus' death

what does the cross mean to me?

it shows me the great desire to restore relationship.
it gave me freedom from shame, my mistakes, others' standards for me; it gave me access to a love no person can give, a perfect love.
It gave hope to me, and gives hope to anyone no matter the state of their life. It also gives hope to them to be free and healed of the things I was healed of and more.
It means rest, no striving or fighting to earn or gain anything. It allows me to received healing, abundance, provision, and know there is always another level, more to be acquired, but always to be shared.
It allows me to have a perspective that can greatly impact people around me, and change my own thinking and perspective first- so important.
It inspires me to sacrifice more every day in my life, be it time, money or love, to make the love of God known that I have experienced.
it reminds me there is always redemption when something has died, there will always be good coming from it in ways I don't know at the time.

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