August 20, 2004

one more poem

no bulletproof glass
I breathe again
Evidence of grace surrounds me every second
I fight through the veils of this world to keep it in sight
The lap of luxury doesn't care about its stash of blessings
Only flying solo to the horizon laced with peace and reassurance
With one focus apart from the world:
It says the narrow path never leads anywhere
Release me from these temporal desires
I will only be bound by grace
Blinded with revelation
I long for the completion you promise
Hidden in an invisible place
While I battle for what was lost.


  1. Hey i didn't know you wrote poetry! Good on ya!! so how are your preperations coming along for your missions trip? I'm stoked for you! i love missions trips. i want to be a missionary one day...i guess i kinda am one, but i'd like to live in Africa and be a missionary. And travel and stuff. Yep. What about you? what do you want to "be" when you "grow up"??? lol it's kinda a funny Talk to you soon! love Lisa

  2. "I fight through the veils of this world to keep it in sight"

    what a beautiful line Ashley . . . noone really comments on my blog either-hey you haven't! ha ha anyways, did you like AMy and mine's crazy post from the other day? It was so fun. Keep the creativity flowing. come visit my livejournal @