August 20, 2004

some poetry... yeah

Prison of Heaven
I have to run from the fear in this place
It's like a fog around fumes from a sleeping dragon
stubborn red scales hard as shale
a cave stocked with bitterness and isolation
a suffocating spirit giving me an empty love
really no love at all
shortchanged compassion
a dim, blurred version of reality
don't you trip on the stones in darkness?
the soul thirsts for something else, this doesn't satisfy
stay there and put all you want no change without grace
yet it waits patiently at the door
when will you let it in?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    hey ashley,
    amy hales here.
    i really like this poem! it has neat imagery. and i love "shortchanged compassion".
    are these new or old? you said you hadnt written poetry in awhile.
    you should continue!