September 07, 2004

trashing my idols

Lord, capture my thoughts and make them yours. I am not for sale, my will is not your best for me. May I never be casual about what you have called me to no matter how tired I get.
Soul Wishes
Illusion wakes me
A blue teardrop of sadness falls unnoticed
Disappointment hangs across my shoulders
Secrets nailed to a cross
A thin white veil
My heart cracking slowly with each breath
Shattered fragments of a dream
Wash away with the blood
A sacrifice for a real promise
You vanish so carefully
Not perfect, seemingly innocent
Time fades into the night
So short, meaningless
My spirit against the world
Caught, unsure, twisting, wavering
In a struggle
Darkness waits

1 comment:

  1. hey baby bun cakes (hahaha, sorry, i've been longing to use that on someone since it came into my head... yesterday. i was thinking how i call people "baby cakes" and then... baby BUN cakes came into mind. mmhmm. ....werd.)

    i love you.

    i like this line "My spirit against the world" and this
    "Disappointment hangs across my shoulders
    Secrets nailed to a cross"

    and i like that you are writing poetry more often, and sharing it too ;).
    bless you tons.