October 19, 2004

Love Unshaken

Droplets of mercy collect on this leaf
I didn't ask for this, or did I

Where did reality go
Disappearing into distant memories
I come back to this surreal place, alone

Somewhere like home
I don't know what to say, o
r if you see me
Distraction has bound me,
Unrelenting in its hunt
Or maybe this is surrender --
A quiet lull in the center of Your will

I can't tell
But just ask me for my love
It is already yours

Let the rain fall



  1. hey ash. are you back now? how was your trip? i guess i can hear all about it if you're at the show friday.
    god bless, danielle

  2. do you ever just not know what to say when you read something, and you do relate, but you arent sure how to define the ways in which you relate: by experience or feeling? and maybe niether do you really want to share, unsure and where to start and how it will go... like a thought train far, far too long that you know it will escape if you let it out?

    so let the rain fall.

  3. new post! new post!!

    c'mon, my ashley dear, new post!!