November 03, 2004

Its about time...

Dare me to trust you
Clouds drifting swiftly through windows of inspiration
Shades of spring are thick in the air outside
Something deep with trust solidifies in my mind:

Your peace settles like its a perfect fit in my soul
Divergent thoughts curl quietly to the sides
I want to feel a concrete certainty in Your voice
Permeating into my box of doubts

casting off rough edges
Growing discernment as a flame in my heart
Blinding sparks desroying lies
Passion creeps into empty places
False disappointments blown apart with tears
replaced with warm joy
excluding all else, my mind smiles for You:
The sun in my horizon, a flower opening in the grass
The gardener of my dreams
You are why I speak
Believing the impossible --

What You have done is incredible
And all I see is this fraction, a sample of glory
Grace surrounding me
And perfection falls


1 comment:

  1. ashley, hah, so true, how big do we think we are to think the God of the heavens, the Creator of the earth and every single thing therein, is a part of our lives? we're a part of His. isnt that comforting to know? no matter what, we are and will always be a part of His life. there's no getting out of that! whether in life or in death... hiddeness or manifestation, we are a part of His life.
    wow, i find that so comforting.
    our God is a good God.
    and a BIG GOD.
    nothing's too big or difficult for Him.

    and so He is the One we praise.

    bless you ashley. i look forward to see you soon, as you well know ;).