November 05, 2004

Random stuff

"But that is the risk of relationships... it helps make us real and holy. That person can either be the greatest means God uses to make sanctification a reality or they can be the biggest tool of Satan to bring you down. Who you get involved with is so critical because you dont have to be evil to serve the devil..."

And an Adore inspired poem...
I touch you but you can't hear me
I see the tears, I feel the darkness that lingers

Shrouding you like a shadow
Just wait in the threshold
For the direction of grace
Shed your skin of pain
You try but you can't go anywhere else
This world is empty of riches
You knew that long ago

Pride blinds you to the snares
Leave them behind
I am all you need
Trust me


  1. hey ash. great poem. i would love to get together for coffee with you sometime this week or so and you can fill me in on your trip and all else in your life.
    God bless you,
    ps. cuold you bring my book to adore?

  2. nice quote ashley
    i think youre swell