January 07, 2005

a tsunami of thought

I was emailed this thought conglomeration by Dave, written by Jack Hook.... and I quite liked it. here you go...

"Why does God allow this...should be changed to...why shouldn't he? Doesn't he have every right to? Instead of questioning or blaming God, people should heed the warnings of Solomon and begin fearing the God of Israel and repent before they are next to fall victim to the consequences of sin. Most of Christendom in America has been utterly seduced by a "self" gospel of possibility thinking that preaches only the love and prosperity of God, a gospel that ignores, diminishes, or even rejects the truth that the God of Israel is also a God of justice and wrath. .

Some are saying that what happened in Asia is just the beginning of birth pangs, the opening sorrows of God's coming wrath upon all those who doubt or deny the Lord Jesus Christ. Is this disaster a warning from the God of Israel that Daniel's 70th Week of judgment and wrath is near? I believe the prophecies of the Revelation are about to be fulfilled..."


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  2. Joe commenting.

    I didn't read the entry; I just wanted to post to prove that I'm not lazy, despicable, or all those other things I've felt in regards to the way I've been treating you and others lately.

    Maybe I'm resentful? I don't really know. But I do want you to know that I went and LOOKED UP your blog addy so I could post and say this. I feel accomplished.

    It bugged me what you said; it did. But it's ok. I probably deserved it. My writing portrays me as Mr. Lancelot with his dashing, shiny sword. In person, however, I am the thug in the bushes waiting to snatch the garbage tossed aside. Ok..maybe a bit too harsh. But still. If I could be my writing, I would. But it's just too much a change, and I dont think anyone could cope with it, let alone me.

    I've said enough.

  3. the delete was accidental. it said the same thing.