January 24, 2005

Butterfly trouble

Desert Flower
The rain fell so small and common
Like pebbles in the stream
Wet drops cleaning my heart of wishes I collected
I take a breath for the next step
I should be lost in the fragrance of grace
Cherish the invisible love
Where is the surreal embrace?
I can't see what I'm supposed to love
Secret perfection challenges my clambering heart
You take my trust to the top of this standard
I can't even see the top
So how can I be sure?
Demons and angels anticipate my stumble
As I hold onto what I surrendered
Why are you following me?
I left you somewhere in Lost and Forgotten Dreams
I thought it was over, gone like summer sunshine
Yet there is my name.
So the flower wilts and sleeps
Wake this desire when its complete
You've already proven me wrong.

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