February 13, 2005

The Waiting Place

Your smile dances, fades from my eyes
A friendship so sweet I can taste the sweet silence it holds
No words necessary
But how do I talk myself out of this mistake
or is this room the waiting place
Sometimes cold, sometimes the fire falls
into my heart, prayers lighting up the air
I curl up but I still feel the weight of your love
Can I sing myself to a better day?
Can I just be thankful I have You?
More than enough, I still wander uncertain
Knowing Your will yet looking for more evidence
You know this love grows with time, yet recedes into silence
You know affection and its dislike for self-control
So make this night like only one day
And I'll stay in this waiting place
Until that day comes
And love is awakened again.

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  1. ooh, i really really like this one!!