March 15, 2005

Dying Light

Be strong, weak one
Be patient, seeking child
Love covers a multitude of secret affections
Treasures of darkness in these places

They fit together so neatly
Or so it seemed at first touch
Truth is painted on the walls of these chambers
Confusion crept in uninvited
Starting a war to kill a fleeting peace
(was it real? It was just me)
I have no weapons in my heart so I walked away
And now the wind blows backwards

Smothering dreams that won't die
All night I sing for peace to return and fill this place
When laughter pauses
make it real again

I wait for hope
As long as it takes


  1. mmm. i really like the line about singing for peace to return...
    love kat

  2. hi Ashley, it's Steve, from ur high school, the uhhh... other one, editor. guess u have to look me up. anyways, was browsing the smu directory and found ur site. wow, guess i didn't know u too much in hs... :p. so cool!