April 27, 2005

Empty Words Fall

Empty Words Fall
maybe reality has fooled me
maybe it was all a game.
I wished for illusions, yet I know
we are born to trouble, taught to love.
can I love even once without getting hurt?
built up with many hands
destroyed with one act
this temple held what I thought I knew
now as though it was never there
the ground waits for new seeds
nettles sting my skin
hidden in who I thought I knew.

Challenged to add rejection to friendship
It let the foundation crumble
And I have to walk away with nothing.
You redefined character in my weakness...
I have the world, yet could lose my soul.
I will stop breathing
since there is nothing here for me.

Why did I think I can change hearts?
How can sovereignty be put on the shelf?
I get in the way
Then stumble back in the shadows
I should have known, should have loved less
Less that perfect
Maybe reality is right here
A little broken, with silence waiting in my hands.


  1. rachel3:18 PM

    Your poetry is really deep hey?
    Sux that you are crying a lot....
    (mental hug)


  2. I love you ash.
    I'm sorry about the crying emotionalness. But it created a beautiful peace of art (intentionally spelled that way)! meaning your poem of course. I felt that way yesterday. Like crying. They say every bride to be gets cold feet sometime before the wedding and I think I fully had them yesterday. Nyways, you will love again. One day you won't hurt so bad. I'm sure of it:)