June 24, 2005

Coming Undone

I ponder this life and my mind's useless analysis
Gifts and losses in some random sequence
God gives and takes away,
Yet we rarely understand.
Divine purpose behind the twisted path that is my life
teach me how to focus, fill me again
I always feel thirsty
My heart whimpers at the door
Can I share this meal?
(only if I'm perfect enough.)
No -- my faults won't separate me from this table for two
You want all my thoughts captured,
my words to be Your words,
And my favorite place to be this silence
Drifting, cloudlike, fleeting
To love this solitude.
Tune me to your echoes
Show me what I've been missing
Life my heart up out of weakness
Give it hope, grow character
Go with me on this unknown venture
Give me rest, sweet rest.
I forgot what it felt like
Whisper me your promises
Remind me all else will fail me
Except.... You.

1 comment:

  1. wow. that was some beautiful worship. hi:)