July 18, 2005

Second Chances

I walk through this haze of trepidation slowly
for this is a dangerous task.
My assignment: breaking silence.
But I left caution at home

and weakness overcomes me.
(they say this is where power is made perfect.)
Yet I wear my failures and faults

while I cherish the sweetness of memories fading
as if they meant nothing --- is that how I'm supposed to feel?
Why is there struggle if it's a passing attraction?

I think I see the motive of hesitation:
Insecurity holds you carefully at a distance.
sometimes I touch the sky
(easier than touching your heart)

and still I wonder --- this gift of God
who do you belong to?
A quest I have long followed,
Yet the answers are blowing backward into the wind

I know so little of the insights you see in me
I forget the meaning of love
maybe I never knew.
An exercise in faith,

accompanied by longing for more
(how could I?)
yet still incomplete.


  1. that... was amazing. heart-aching and terrible, yes, but amazing written. like a long lost love ballad... like a secret admirer, not sure how -or whether- to share how they feel.
    aw, ash..

  2. i love that line about touching the sky easier than touching your heart...God's heart.
    you should write a book of poetry sometime I think. or a devotional book with your poetry included. Something like that. Happy Early BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!! Sorry I won't be around to give you a hug:( But in the spirit I do. I do give you a hug for your birthday Ashley Cornwall!! (how many candles?)
    love trina