August 12, 2005

another Adore poem

so this is Your secret assignment
giving us identity out of darkness
renewing our minds,
minds this world fills with corruption and fear
don't let our hearts be stolen
(we can't see it coming now, open our eyes)
every day we choose the world or You
our souls are not worth losing to the world
let us be taht remnant
that sacrifices our comforts,
that speaks Your name
that only has the fear of the Lord,
that has a passion for You --

for a heart that will bow down
that's what you look for
for a foot that will step out
even if fear threatens
for eyes that will see what You see
unveil it, let no blindness stop us
and ears that hear Your words.
give us Your strength to spread them around
in all these dark places
herein our lives.

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