November 18, 2005

Dreams in a Box

It's all a game someone put in my head. What am I chasing after today? as soon as I take my mind off what I'm memorizing or what characteristic of God I need revelation on, the self comes in and I forget. When is life not about spiritual warfare? what is in my life that is more important than God? What was the last thing God told me to do?
Its not just about the words, the music that echoes, but about seeking after the Source, the ache for glory so much deeper than the things of this world tell me they offer. It all seemed like striving for logic would help them see Your love, but they need conviction more than they need convincing.
Reality is this is a dream I won't wake from, a story that will never end... but if no one else sees it, if hope is too far for you to see... then I can't get away from myself. so my heart sleeps, waits and hopes. Yeah, remember, don't put me in a box unless my dreams are in it first.

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