August 19, 2007

random quotes: friends & others

"just because I'm right doesn't mean you have to change the subject." -Noah
"we're actually not perfect, thats why we have recovery coupons." - me on working at starbucks
"how many cubic feet of darkness does it take to put out one candle?" -Corrie Block
"Jesus was not Dutch." Aaron Norris
"we are more likely to explain than adore God." -Tozer

"I'm not picky, I just have preferences." -me on food choices
"I believe you are called to a signficant life of insignificance." - Nathan
"I wanna be a baller, I wanna be a chai wallah..." interpretation of tazo chai tea description
"God is speaking through me, so I better choose my words carefully." -Bruce
"the twisted image of God has been fabricated by the enemy during our silence." -Caleb

"What is church anyway? is it a place? a building? a service? a program? when the bible talks about church it neglects to mention the building with a cross on the roof. it tells us about people.... the church is people who act under Jesus' leadership....." - from 'permission granted to do church differently in the 21st century'

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