August 04, 2007

Devastated captivated articulated

I need to stop putting the pieces back in place. I'm torn from watching my dreams lived out by someone else. Some perfect timing, my place somewhere in the background. When is it not about being good enough? Uncertainty waits to see if what I’ve been called to and had prophecies of is really going to happen.

I'm tired from waiting. I'm used to being alone but don’t know what its good for anymore. My prayers fall dead on the floor in front of me. Fear of wanting to be a mom haunts me from finding out my cousin and mom had years of postpartum depression. Confidence in the unknown is so easily shaken. I'm tired of my wrist being sore. And since no one wants to hear it, stuff that inside too.

Its not about the job I have
Its not about the friends I have
Its not about the house I have or the social status I have
Its about me and You
Just building a relationship again

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