May 15, 2007

two 1999 poems

I can see snow and raindrops
dripping together through the windows
Cobwebs and glass fencing
The bushes need trimming
Orange lights and cat prints
Boarding on wet slushy hillsides
Rainbows and good-byes
Never working hard enough
Crystals of salt in crescents on the windowpanes
Duct tape holding it shut

Imagined Corners
Antlers on tree branches
Hugs exempt of promises

Apples on rooftops
Mountain snow on crosswalks

Blood across the night sky
Tigers on whitecaps
Eyes on a breadplate
Sowboard on sand dunes
Sea turtles in soup broth
Aphids in steam
Striped caterpillar on old train tracks
Rocks along windowsills
Coasters and driftwood
Flowers for fractures
Dishes on porch steps
A cap dropped on the racetrack
Candles and perfume
Beachballs in fishnets
Fur underwater
Mercy crying help
Another day went by

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ashley, I've never been on your site before but I randomly decided to check it out today... and I love your poetry! It is incredible... you are very gifted! Keep it up!