May 04, 2007

Lost revival

I remember the presence as if it were an hour ago
So clear and so close that a breath is taking more of you in
No control left for emotions that were neatly kept folded in place
No words sufficient when little me was chosen to be used mightily
No response left but gratitude.
Yet here the glass scatters the light, confusing the revelations…
Drawn to pray, but gravity pulls me down from the atmosphere
Something is missing
the cold gives me only silence, but the wind still whispers

Sometimes I envision these dreams right here, even though it’s a blank page
I see the city on a hill, a small blink of an eye, but it cannot be hidden
I see a fortress built by prayers
reinforced by laughter drifting through the stones
Built into a defense that cannot be shaken
But these too fade, and I can’t hold it together alone….

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