November 11, 2007


"Then we apostles can spend our time in prayer and teaching the word."
IN MY OWN WORDS- If you have experienced it, no words are necessary. If you have not, no words can describe it. It is epic and memorable to have found the church I was looking for. These are the goals I want in the church I belong to, and in the church I’ve found:

Anticipate & thrive on the unpredictable
Not have an agenda or know what time it will be over
Get lost in the presence of God.
Have all ages and people free to dance in the throne room, with an individual expression of unique worship styles
Long for glory to fill the place to overflowing
Be flexible with liturgy and tradition, knowing there are many ways the spirit will move
A place of healing and encouragement
A place filled with a spirit of Unity in an active body of Christ
Approachability and prayer people available to visitors
Personal and corporate focus
Follows and listens primarily to the voice/leading of God, not other pastors or patterns in church or culture though they are influences
Expects the impossible from God daily
Participates in the city’s vision for evangelism and unity between pastors

there is no agenda, boundaries or age requirement. It is a place outside of time, filled with freedom and eagerness to rush into God’s presence as You welcome us and we pour out our hearts. No one is looking around, only at You, leaving all at the foot of the cross ….

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