November 13, 2007

Dream Higher

To see love in an unspoken word
And trust in a smile
To pull on the sky
And breathe color into a rainbow
To speak eloquently, and bring revelation to life
I dream of how to reach that high --
How to catch a star and turn it over
Seeing what you see between here and eternity
Drawing out the potential of unknown riches
Pulling down the invisible, to be on earth as it is in heaven
Stirring a hunger to rush into your presence
Walking outside of time
Contagious encouragement from the foot of the cross
Sometimes the richest plan is not to have one.
The key to this lies hidden somewhere
The code wrapped in cryptic layers
When the greatest wisdom does not know itself
Incomplete sentences with lost good-byes
I can’t see the trail of desire
The secret evades again

see ezekiel 1:28

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