January 16, 2008


Unseen purposes escape my view
But I move into the trepidation,
Dared to do what I’ve never done:
Dared to fear man no more
I wait with my eyes open
There must be more.
I drink from this cup
Never to thirst again;
Then I measure the weight of this strand of glory
How to capture it in words, I don’t know
So daily I learn to weave it into my spirit
Warm sweetness falling over my shoulders
Agendas dissolving in the air
Of what I thought I was to do
Now there are prayers rewritten, words left unspoken
I know not what to pray
So put the words in my mouth
May your will be under my skin
Let grace consume my thoughts
And change nations

Someone stopped and asked me today
How did redemption run and climb these walls
When there is no foothold?
I remember how cold and smooth it was:
A faceless surface without cracks or grooves
But suddenly you pulled gravity aside
Scaled the wall and found the key of David
To the door forever locked, the past sealed
Remaining in its own chamber
Seeking release as a new creature
Named after reconciliation
Chasing after Your will
Believing all things

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