November 23, 2008


You were so unexpected, a gentle whisper
so tightly holding the air around me
plans I still don't know the depth of spun into motion.
how does it work for good?
stripping my right away to be understood
to decide why fairness is so distant.
I lost what was left of me
shivering, waiting for a place to defend myself
to raise up my words in the air
as though they might fly;
yet struck down in this elusive paradigm
by ways I can't understand, although I try
tracing circles in the dust
as explanation slips away with mystery into the night
never clear to my eyes
then trust asks me to step forward
winter 2007

Your love requires no words, no pretense. it has no expiration date, and it isn't a outline of the real thing-- but a multidimensional song, yet unheard.

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