March 25, 2009

2 spring poems

as I watch with eagerness
goodness captures my imagination
you spoke the word that made me give up trying
you have lit a fire on the altar of my broken heart
and every minute is consumed with joy
for I am yours, possessed by precious motives
I have a sword called favor
and the strength that challenges discouragement
hidden in my hands, strengthened for war
to love and live overflowing
made real in the desert season

Geography of Love
between the boundary of leaves to walk on
and streams to cross, I spy
many paths to the treasure on this long quest

which path leads to love?
which road is paved with grief?
this flower patch is not mine
these hills they know, the petals whisper of redemption

where in the garden of my heart
did you plant the cryptic map that I will find it?
overtaken by ambition,
today's compass leads astray
such consistency in where knowledge directs
yet the destination is shallow, and
apathy grows these thorns in a valley of distraction
unclear meaning easily concedes and loses this round

now I unfold the torn corners
teach me the echoes of the land as it breathes
guard this gate carefully when my courage sleeps
sharpen my sword on the rock
lest I strike it in frustration
let joy overflow in thirsty places

written 24/3/09

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