April 25, 2009


(sorry the spacing is off on this one)
this is about someone who showed me through his life, more than his words, what the Father is really like--the depth and dimensions of my heavenly Father I didn't know before that have totally capitvated me. I have been experiencing so much of God, personally, that has bypassed all the ways the world distorts who the Father really is, and this is another expression of it. Simple enough. but I love living in between the words in the reality of their meaning.

I didn't want to let you out of my sight
I never, never would leave you, you are always so precious to me.

I craved you, without words, just to be near
I was showing you how much I crave you, how I want nothing other than to spend time with you

you didn't leave, you never said no-- that was amazing
not a day went by i wasn't here... I longed for you to understand how deep My love is

yet I thought I was so worthless, long ago
I wept with you over the lost days... but My presence never left you.

connection I never knew, deep heart to heart friendship, I experienced through him.
I longed for love to be poured out on you, to restore every cell

a humbling presence, so unreal, not requiring effort or striving
I gave up everything the world calls wealth to die for you and hold you in my lap

of one who sees so objectively
I see the beginning and the end for you, every moment and goal I have set before you

who loves so transparently
I never hesitate to speak to you, to give wisdom to you my child.

and listens like no one I'd ever met
I love hearing the dreams in your heart, the unique longings you have!

too good to be true
You are the apple of my eye and there is nothing i wouldn't do for you

something I never knew I lacked
I longed for you to be restored to me, to know Israel as my chosen land too

yet I knew you were not my savior
I was taking off the veils so that you could see my Son is enough for your life's chaos

a precious father, seeing only me
You are right next to my Son, powerful and anointed to do My will on the earth, bringing heaven down

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