July 21, 2009

walking away

this time is for... a sacred battle.
upon looking around, my self wasn't there to rely on. what does it mean to forget but to let go of promises unfulfilled, weed out stale expectations: to put away where i can't find it, where no memory, no emotion no pain can retrieve it... where is the place to renew the mind? Oh, if only, just to have the way it was in my hands for two weeks longer- or these motives not so easily purified, cleaned with fresh water, precious water.
With a promise, I know, to give extended life and strength to; to keep from fading or wasting away...
They say it is grace that heals, not time. an elegant dance, a thought moving through the air freely; unmerited surprises putting into my hands the purest and best, above and beyond my little dreams. Drawing a conclusion with the pieces I have, by pressing light onto shadows so that revelation shines around the disenchantment. Do I dare look at grace with reality cast aside, straight in the eyes? This is the pursuit of freedom from illusion, the reversal of love- where the heart is realigned in a wholesome childlike treasure hunt... to you.

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