September 20, 2009


let love be the bracket around my dreams
I put back my senseless ambitions
such transparent greatness we plan for ourselves
but the goal never arrives
what will it take to see?

the wounds of childhood haunt us- we deny it
blindly we are injured by our own selfishness
the merciless reality of indifference has torn compassion from us
and thrown integrity into a rare obscure place
we walk with our clothes in shreds
painted over with hidden offense
covered by a polished sense of security
so skilled in worshiping ourselves
we try to forget, we run
yet in our misery we will sincerely seek God.

You come as a hidden refreshment:
a rainstorm in a thirsty land- a thirst it does not know it has-
your hand ties a torn heart back together
your tears can rescue from discouragement;
the motive: to cradle that which we won't let anyone touch
to wash wounds and turn backward the deep pain we hold
and raise us up high on a throne
crowned with love, responding with loyalty and mercy.


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