July 31, 2011

Hebrews 1

I have always loved Hebrews but deeper meanings of this book usually evade me. I think much of this book was a reminder to the Hebrews or Messianic jews who had been under persecution after Jesus' death, a reminder of how to live and who Jesus was. never forget who he was and what he stands for.
the intro of this chapter speaks of a new way God communicates with his people after the prophets by sending his son. I like the phrases that connect- through whom he made the universe and sustaining it at the same time; the perfect example he is of God's character. probably, to the hebrews, it was a far more personal communication than the prophets or others whom they disobeyed or thought were crazy. it is the timing, in the last days that is the key window for God to speak in this way, to redeem creation while revealing his son in a way never done before. the last days continue now, equally important to remember who the Son is and that all things are held together by him. it is as though the hidden son was revealed, though had been spoken of by the prophets many times but not seen for who he was until now.

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  1. Love this Ashley- thanks for posting!