October 16, 2011

the WHY question

It isn't often that the why question gets answered, despite the fact the peace that God gives is one that surpasses understanding. However, when it does get answered, it is like the part of Acts 2(v 12 & 37) where the people listen and ask, "what does this mean?" and Peter expounds... then they ask, "what shall we do?" I'm taking this a bit out of context, because I was asking why of my own life and behavior, and looking for what God was putting a finger on in this season. I think that these are two great questions to ask of any significant behavior or event. Besides that it is wise to test things to see if they are of God or not, and to recognize that God often works differently than we expect. When we are ready for higher revelation than we previously relied on, God can show us what we are doing, the consequences and how to grow a deeper maturity. Sometimes God leads us blindly and asks us to trust. Other times he reveals a place where change can occur and we are accountable to apply what we hear. we can flee like Jonah or wait, but God will only keep a door open for so long, as Isaiah states, "Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near. " I think I need to be adaptable to these so that I can take anything God is speaking about and ask the above two questions, and not only walk in obedience but walk out decisions which continually please the Lord. If I don't listen, there may be a retest, until I get it. I can never be self righteous and assume I've arrived by knowing I've learned much truth, studied Greek, and been to Israel. Currently, I know what my behavior means, and must ask what I should do. I am comforted that I see why I do what I do, and that my needs are legitimate. It is so much easier to withdraw from bad habits when I know I'm not condemned- to experience that there is NO condemnation for me. Then I will be eager to conform in the area that I'm called to be more Christlike.

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