October 09, 2011

There are no excuses. There are only decisions. And decisions build destiny. I'm called to change the world like Steve Jobs did, in a unique way, without excuses. Its very shortsighted; there is no step by step plan of what the long term looks like or what date my dreams will be fulfilled. But I can go places in intercession- which I undervalue anyway- and wait to obey what God does next. The true worth of these things is revealed in the process. In many ways God is saying, read it again. But it's said with love and anticipation of what treasure we can uncover that is parallel to what God intended all along. It seems to be a season of deeper understanding of who I am than I had before, but still walking forward as a blind servant. For me to keep trusting, God keeps his ways hidden and asks obedience to each small request. For me, it feels very shortsighted- I can't see far ahead or the fruit. All I can do is obey and use God's values to measure significance. Intentionally feeling God's heart is exhausting... but the rest of his heart is refreshing, and love breaks strongholds when its real and not trite or superficial. but encountering both creates life ...

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