December 01, 2011


Bittersweet is the day without you.

Weeks and months go by with just a memory of your face. Just a little while longer they say. I breathe in to remember your faithfulness. The days blur together and your heart is a craving mixed into the remainder that never satisfies.

I'm tired of the lists, the agendas, the demands.  I remember when there were no words, when wonder was real and precious. Carrying the burden, sowing with tears and blood... digging wells that never run dry. What happened to the stitches sewn in the darkness of blank canvas? Where did the seasons come from that were never ordained? Where is the fearless of the house of God who would build a house for you before our own? We know not where we tread or what we long for and have forgotten. Once I have tasted love fiercer than fire, stronger than flood- there is no recourse or cure. There is no wound deeper than eyes being opened and humbled. There is nothing else I can do with what I have seen.

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