January 17, 2012

recent readings

I have been reading a lot lately and I hope to not just take notes and enjoy the books but to put in action some of these concepts... the question is how will I do that. Here are some tidbits of recent readings:

Gifts are free. Maturity is expensive.
Never change the leadership structure or location to deal with a heart problem.
God will fulfill his promises but is not obligated to fulfill our potential.
Others' victories expose the attitudes of our hearts.
Pride drives a poverty mindset.
Equipping consists of: training, discipleship, honor, respect and study.
Identity can never be fought for.
the enemy will always attack the 3rd generation. This was very interesting to me and I hope to see other places where it applies... the 3rd generation is supposed to be one of exponential increase, as the second generation was to double from the first.
We need to value process because Saul is an example of failure in that he had no process or preparation before he was king.
Things that are not my fault are still my responsibility. How will I be able to carry more if I don't carry now what isn't mine? In it I can better see the invisible and its potential which then becomes visible.

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