January 22, 2012

representing well.

this is a piece of an email  I got from friends who are on staff in YWAM. really spoke to me ... makes me feel like I have so little of God's presence I carry and how much more there is, if it could be accessed, released... not just to be average in many ways but to be above the atmospheres, to change others by default...

There is a young Finnish student in the Recent DTS who told how he drove brother Yun (The ‘Heavenly Man’) around Finland.  After two days he said that the conviction of sin was so strong that He had to resign!  Oh how we need to learn to carry His presence. I often ask what is the qualification for LEADERSHIP that God will mark and honour?...Then I look into Exodus 33 and see how when Moses went into the tabernacle, not only was JOSHUA THE ONLY ONE WHO FOLLOWED (Everyone else stood and looked from their tents!), but he tarried in HIS PRESENCE!  Our service in ministry should NEVER be more important than our desire to wait in HIS PRESENCE! 

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